Repairs and Relines


  • Both major and minor repairs are available
  • Precise tooth-frame relationships can be established by resin pickup and laser welding of segments of Co-Cr removable partial denture frameworks
  • One of the most common partial denture repairs is to replace or add a new tooth to a pre-existing partial due to tooth loss. Laser welding a wrought wire loop to the major connector allows for retention of an acrylic tooth
  • When replacing or adding a new anterior tooth to a pre-existing partial in which there is insufficient interocclusal space, a metal backing may be required. This backing can be laser-welded to the framework. An opposing cast is needed from the dentist, as well as a pickup impression of the partial denture
  • Small connectors and broken clasps can be successfully repaired with laser welding
  • An impression is often required with the denture seated in the mouth which is then poured up (if alginate) or sent to the laboratory (if polyvinylsiloxane)


  • The rapid shrinkage of bone after tooth removal means that the denture will need to have the fitting surface relined in 2-3 months
  • When the fit of a denture is no longer adequate, relining is recommended
  • Two types of relines are available. A wash is taken inside the fitting surface of the denture, which is required for both hard and soft relines

a. Hard - The tissue surface is replaced with hard acrylic.
b. Soft relines are recommended in the following clinical situations:

      • flat or nearly flat gum tissues
      • ridges with thin tissues over bony areas
      • chronically sore gum tissues