Apr 2018
Case of the month - April 2018

Dr Ambrish Roshan
30-year-old female presented to our practice requesting a new smile. Her main criteria for any proposed treatment option was for it take the shortest possible time frame. She has a class 2 division II incisor relationship on a class 1 skeletal base complicated by a retained upper right primary canine associated with a palatally impacted UR3. The UL3 is buccally displaced. The anterior dentition, including the URC, was moderately restored with composite resin restorations.

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Mar 2018
Case of the month - March 2018

Dr Joanne Gracey
This case study features the patient presented with heavily restored, discoloured and worn upper incisors. The patient requested an improvement in the shape and colour of the upper anterior teeth.

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Feb 2018
Case of the month - February 2018

Dr David Reaney
This case study features the patient presented with a failing maxillary dentition and her main concerns being a lack of function and the appearance of her upper teeth.

A treatment plan including the available options and their risks are discussed including the use of MTX technology.

The patient was delighted with the outcome and felt the result justified the long and complex course of treatment, as it fully addressed her functional and aesthetic expectations.

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Jan 2018
Case of the month - January 2018

Dr Simon Killough
The patient presented initially with an UR1 missing, the tooth being extracted due to a failed post crown. A temporary acrylic denture was provided to allow for socket healing. When healing was complete an Ankylos implant was placed in the UR 1. A PFM bridge was already in place UR 3-2. There was an aesthetic discrepancy between the crown and bridgework on the UR 3-2-1 and the natural teeth UL 1-2-3. The patient requested an improvement in the appearance of the upper anterior teeth.

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Dec 2017
Case of the month - December 2017

Dr Derek Bingham BDS
This case study features a patient who presented with 12 missing teeth which had been extracted approximately 15 years earlier. The case involved complex crown and bridgework and implants restored in Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM). The patient is delighted with the result, has adjusted well to his ‘new teeth’ and is reporting no problems after the treatment.

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