Post and Core

Endodontically treated teeth may require reinforcement.


  • Posts retain the core build-up which is needed due to extensive loss of coronal tooth structure


  • Remaining dentinal structure will dictate if a post is indicated to compensate for extensive loss of coronal tooth structure
  • Aim to preserve as much coronal and radicular tooth structure as possible
  • Use a ferrule when using a post. An adequate ferrule is minimum 2 mm vertical height and 1 mm of dentin thickness
  • If an all-ceramic crown is chosen as the final restoration anteriorly, the colour and opacity of the post may lead to discolouration and shadowing of the crown especially for an IPS e.max® restoration. Thus opaquer would be critical if metal were used for strength

  Translucent glass fibre posts posts (Radix® by DENTSPLY) with CERAMAGE® (Shofu)
Material Zirconium silicate
Aesthetics good
Durability ✓ 
Margins Adequate supporting tooth structure required
Flexural strength

Radix® 1300 MPa


Indications Metal-free option
Colour Acceptable
Bonding Can be bonded